502 Bad request - timeouts after midnight - OSX

I have a tunnel to several hosted servers (VM + docker) on MAC mini M1.
All sites are working correctly after rebooting the machine.
Next day all servers are returning 502 bad requests, or error messages about time outs.
When refreshing several times, sometimes the served website(s) get loaded correctly.

When accessing the served sites locally, for example http://homeassistant.local:8123 the site is working correctly.
This is the same for all websites I am serving through this tunnel.

This behavior started some weeks ago, everything was working fine 100% of the time before.

There are some problems with my network connection (ISP has to put new cable in the street), but this has no impact on any other connections, they only noticed when measuring the line. Since rebooting solves the issue for 1 day, I think my problem is unrelated to this.
Issue is for my home assistant running on UTM with HAOS , and all self hosted docker containers I have running. Since everythings runs correctly locally all the time, I have a hard time finding where the issue is.

Hi @joflanbv

Have you enabled logging for your tunnel? For locally managed tunnels, follow → Tunnel logs · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

For remotely-managed (through the dash) tunnels, follow → Remotely-managed tunnel · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

The logs may give you an insight into what is causing the 502 errors at midnight.