502 Bad gateway while logging to the WP admin panel


while logging in to the WordPress admin panel (after entering login and password) I got error “502 Bad gateway” with error on the host side. I also checked the host server and looks that it is online and there is no major issues. For front website there are no issues in availability.

I have SSL certificate issued via Cloudfire and with paused Cloudflare on the site HTTPS protocol doesn’s work. I have a “flexible” mode turned on.

Thanks for help.

If not major, wouldn’t it be minor? The error indicates an issue with the origin server. There could be some changes made, affecting the site. Best, I suggest you to read the following Tutorial for the detailed fix:

This indicates the configuration issue at the host. You need to fix that first before onboarding to Cloudflare.

This ain’t the best option as suggested by the ExpertReply . The best one is Full Strict. Read the Tutorial

Thanks neiljay for the help.

It concerns me because the 502 error occurs only when I try to log in. Instead of the view of WP admin panel after log in attempt, I got the error. Besides that, site works fine.

I have only flexible mode on because my host provider doesn’t allow me to install cerificate on the server in my billing plan. Also that is why I use only SSL certificate issued on Cloudflare. I’m going to change provider in the future so I will change to full strict. Thanks for tips.

I have contacted my host provider and I got information that from their side everything is fine. I am not sure whether there may be a problem with HTTPS protocol during log in to the panel. I have HTTPS rewrites in the WP settings turned on as well.

I am really suprised because I didn’t find similar problem on the web.

Hi there, got the exact same issue here.

Turned out that I had some warning triggered by wordpress, shown in my error log file.
After fixing them, I could access the dashboard again.

Hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

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