502 Bad gateway - very often

Hi, I’ve been using Cloudflare for a few months now, but I’m having a lot of problems using it. Site keeps crashing and error 502, super annoying. How to check if there is any support here at all. Who should I turn to… How to fix it?

I suspect it’s related to this

For our domain, the problem still appears and we don’t observe any signs of improvement since the issue was closed in status tracker. Error rates falling down seem to align with our standard daily traffic pattern.

I can confirm. We have still the same issues.

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Today I am getting many “502 Bad Gateway” pages returned by Cloudflare.

Is there an issue? I checked the status page and there is no mention of any issues. Our servers are in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Is there any way to report this issue?

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Cloudflare is aware and working on the 502 errors. Please follow the status page for the latest status: https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/

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There was an issue earlier, Cloudflare Status - Network performance Issues

That was addressed and it appears there is a follow-on issue you can track here,


We are still seeing many 502 errors across multiple sites and servers in FRA and AMS.

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