502 Bad gateway errors of 10 Wordpress websites at same time after Cloudlfare update this week


I saw no mention of it here, so I thought I would reply.

You may want to check your firewall to ensure that CloudFlare’s IP ranges are whitelisted:



Hey guys,

We’ve finally found the problem: the firewalls of our servers were too aggressively protecting traffic. After adding some IP-rules - https://www.cloudflare.com/ips-v4 - in our firewalls everything is working fine now. But it’s still odd because it always worked fine since a couple years. Why all of sudden the firewalls threw out Cloudflare is a mystery.


Hi, I have exact same issue. I am connecting from my personal laptop to my admin page, and to my normal website. It throws same 502 bad gateway error. Can you confirm the rules that you had in your firewall? Also, since I am using my personal internet at home, where should I create/update these rules?