502 Bad gateway errors of 10 Wordpress websites at same time after Cloudlfare update this week


I’m managing 10 website accounts of our client. All these (Wordpress) websites are running fine for almost 2-3 yrs over Cloudflare until Cloudflare’s last update this week (Wednesday / Thursday).

All our 10 websites were returing 502 Error Bad Gateways at the same time (!) and had problems with some Javascript applications, on all browsers.

We didn’t make any changes to our servers, didn’t change plugins, scripts, etc, we cleared all caches of our browsers, Cloudflare, etc. and server but with no luck.

We checked the servers: no issues.

Cloudflare settings:

In Crypto; settings: “Always use HTTPS” , switched on.
“Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”, we’ve switched it on and off but still 502 Errors.

What changes have you made and could you please provide us with a fix.

Thank You!

This is mostly a customer forum, so I suggest you open a support ticket at support.cloudlfare.com orlogin to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

A 502 is typically an issue on the origin server, but you said you haven’t made any changes. Though if it’s shared hosting, the host may have changed something. Here’s a support article on that error:

Thank you for replying.

We’re not on shared hostings but running our own servers and we did nothing with our own servers. And as mentioned before all problems happened on the same time after Cloudflare did some updates.

I know I can ask Cloudflare’s support but their response time - from my own experience with other Cloudflare issues - is at least several days / 1 week (!) and our issues has some urgency.
That’s why I joined the community to get fast instant advice.

Which 502 screen are you getting? The generic one, or the fancy one?

Have you tried to temporarily :grey: the site in the DNS page?

This is what I’m seeing: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

When I bypass Cloudflare by de-activating the orange clouds, then everything works better, faster and no 502-bad gateway errors. But I don’t have SSL anymore.

The moment I reactivate Cloudflare, all sites are performing slower, some javascripts have troubles running smoothly and I got all the 502 errors. This is an indication that Cloudflare might be the culprit as I didn’t make any changes to themes, plugins, scripts, etc.

This has not happened since 2-3 yrs. All ■■■■ break loose this Wednesday / Thursday night when Cloudflare did some major updates.

Same thing happened to our website, we received a 502 Gateway error and we had no idea why, contacted the server and all good on their end. All clues started to point towards Cloud Flare, is this a common issue with Cloud Flare> we really wouldn’t want this to be a common theme with them, any updates about this would be great. Thanks

Are there Cloudflare staffers here willing to take a look at the sudden 502 Bad Gateway errors and fix the problems?

I don’t think it’s wise to rollback from IPv6 to IPv4 as it will create other problems in the near future.

Let’s hope that Cloudflare staffers take a look at it and fix the 502 - errors.

That 502 screen indicates it’s a connection problem at your server. It’d still be a good idea to open a support ticket as you troubleshoot this on your own. Sometimes they’re pretty quick.

Not only can they help with the 502, but I’m sure they’d like to help figure out why your site slows down when you’re using Cloudflare.

And which updates did Cloudflare do? I hadn’t noticed anything major lately.

My servers are working fine. When I’m bypassing Cloudflare by deactivating the orange clouds everything works better and faster with no 502-bad gateway errors.


  1. Cloudflare system status
    [Scheduled] Our dashboard will be undergoing essential maintenance on December 4th, 2017 from 22:00 - 23:00 UTC
    Cloudflare Status - [Scheduled] Our dashboard will be undergoing essential maintenance on December 4th, 2017 from 22:00 - 23:00 UTC

  2. Incident History
    Cloudflare Status - Incident History

I don’t know what Cloudflare has done but all troubles on our sites happened right after the updates. And also noticed that old data (!) was loaded. All new changes that we made to our css, etc. were replaced by old ones (from week before update!).


Are there Cloudflare staffers available here who can take a look at our issues we’ve been having since 4 days?

We’ve sent an email with specific details to [email protected] couple of days ago.

Thank you!

If you post the ticket number, one of the mods usually checks in on it.


Didn’t receive any number. We’ve sent it to [email protected] as per your advice.

Did you get an automated reply from your email? I’ve not tried this contact approach, but it’s one of the two methods advised by Support.

Nope… nothing since 5 days. But this is not the first time…

Let’s hope that there are Cloudflare’s staffers here reading this.

I was only able to find one ticket tied to your email address (for reference it’s 1450919), and it was submitted on Sunday. Tickets are prioritized by plan level and when received, and a couple days for the Free queue isn’t unheard of (depending on the ebb and flow of tickets). I suspect an agent will get back to you pretty soon, but one thing that would be helpful to know is which type of 502 error page you are getting. Can you provide a screenshot? Is it branded Cloudflare or is it mostly white with a small amount of text?

It was the Cloudflare branded one. There’s a link to the image at around message 5 in this thread.

THis is what I’m seeing: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I saw no mention of it here, so I thought I would reply.

You may want to check your firewall to ensure that Cloudflare’s IP ranges are allowlisted:


Hey guys,

We’ve finally found the problem: the firewalls of our servers were too aggressively protecting traffic. After adding some IP-rules - https://www.cloudflare.com/ips-v4 - in our firewalls everything is working fine now. But it’s still odd because it always worked fine since a couple years. Why all of sudden the firewalls threw out Cloudflare is a mystery.