502 Bad Gateway error - Jan 24

For the past 18 hours or so we’ve been getting reports of 502 bad gateway errors from users in the US (and uptime robot). This seemed to coincide with the Houston issue (which took Cloudflare a long time to resolve), but it’s been marked as resolved and we’re still getting uptimerobot errors. Anyone else having similar issues?

@Hi @niice,

The 502 error might not be related to the Houston issue (specially if that issue has been marked as resolved) but rather to some other problem with Cloudflare or your origin server.

First, we would need to understand if the error is coming from us (Cloudflare) or your origin server.

Could you please share a picture of the error you see on the browser? Do you see any Cloudflare branding on the error page?
Error 502 bad gateway

If you see Cloudflare branding on the error page, that means that the error is coming from the origin and in that case, I would recommend you to contact your hosting provider.

Otherwise, the error might be originated on our end and I would suggest you to contact Cloudflare support for further investigation.

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