502 appears at irregular intervals, then after about 10 minutes +- then back to normal

I recently encountered a problem with Proxy.
My site would get 502 from time to time, and then after about 10 minutes ± it would be back to normal. It’s been happening irregularly since last month, and it’s been especially bad in the last 3 days.

I personally don’t think it’s my server, when I go through the internet IP . I am able to open my pages. It also works fine on the local network.

Tested methods include

  1. restarting the server immediately when I encountered the problem, but it still didn’t work. After 10 minutes ± it’s back to normal.
  2. encounter a problem, do nothing. After 10 minutes ± it’s back to normal. 3.
  3. When I encountered the problem, I turned off the proxy, and it worked after a while, but SSL is not working anymore.

Does anyone else have the same problem or have any solutions. Because it has seriously affected the user experience.

thank you .

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