502 and 504 errors for CNAME subdomain - "Bad Glue", other issues

(Note: As a new user I can only put two “links” in this message and I guess even without using http or https it’s considered a link, so I’ve used [dot] in some of the URLs below . . .)

Having 502 and 504 connection issues with a subdomain we setup, go.beaucrabill.com. . .

When we use an external DNS tool to check the CNAME, it reports the following errors (as shown in this screenshot):

Bad Glue Detected
Parent server gave glue for go.beaucrabill.com to be target.clickfunnels.com but we resolve that hostname to

At least one name server failed to respond in a timely manner
Failure detail:

Local NS list does not match Parent NS list was reported by the parent, but not locally was reported by the parent, but not locally was reported locally, but not by the parent

Serial numbers do not match

Why is the CNAME pointing to a cloudflare DNS?

I do not have proxies (orange cloud) enabled for this, it’s a simple CNAME for go.beaucrabill.com pointing to target.clickfunnels.com . . .

Any help much appreciated . . .

I bumped your permissions a bit to sidestep the link issue, also edited the post, you should not hit that limitation again. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you – much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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The CNAME is pointing to Cloudflare’s nameservers because ClickFunnels uses Cloudflare. The authoritative nameservers for ClickFunnels belong to Cloudflare.

I think whatever DNS checking service you’re using it getting confused by the CNAME; it’s getting a CNAME response when it performs a query for NS, which isn’t what it expects, but is perfectly valid.

That makes perfect sense – thank you!

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