502 & 527 error if railgun active on my namecheap hosting



I am facing error 502 and 524 if railgun is active on my Namecheap hosting, my website goes offline and comes back online, but if I disable railgun my website works fine. Is anyone using CloudFlare with Namecheap facing a similar issue?


Hello @jahangirpalan,

Could you give more context like the name of your domain? Additionnaly, here is an interesting article in the documentation refering to common errors when using Railgun, that’s not a problem with namecheap specifically i guess since we’re totally agnostic to the backend used for your HTTP traffic.

  • Make sure that your Origin is reachable from the Railgun Listener
  • Make sure that your Origin is using a valid certificate for the HTTPS traffic or enable the validate.cert = 0 in railgun.conf
  • Make sure that your listener is available from us on the TCP port 2408
  • Make sure that the record used for Railgun isn’t Orange-Clouded



Thanks Stephane for helping me, however, i am not techy and will not be able to understand the technical terms used by you. I will have to check with name cheap if they can help me. Since I have disabled railgun, my page speed has gone down and shows server response slow.


I have to say; I have the EXACT same issue that @jahangirpalan is describing. I have NameCheap shared hosting, and CloudFlare has worked beautifully with it until this Tuesday the 17th. As OP described, the website is up and down intermittently. I contacted NameCheap, and they are certain that it’s not an issue on their side. When we removed the CloudFlare DNS and pointed directly to NameCheap, there were no issues. I came here looking for a vehicle for CloudFlare support and found this description. Once I disabled RailGun in CF admin, the site works fine. I tested the RailGun config, and it came back fine. Before I start messing around with something that has worked great for a year or so, can CloudFlare look at this issue and see what changed? I’m not an overly technical person either. If we can roll back or fix what is causing this issue, that’d be preferred. I can PM you my domain if it would help troubleshoot.



I don’t think I can PM you my URL so here it is.


Rocket Loader was re-enabled around that time. No idea if there’s any correlation.

May I ask what system/CMS you are using for your site?


Facing the same issue, I am on chat with Namecheap support they are investigating the issue. Chatted with them multiple times and got same answer, not a issue on their end. Finally had to use the community forum for help. Hope Cloudflare team can look into it.


Got email from Namecheap that the issue has been resolved, they had been working on my complaints. Please check and let me know if its resolved for you as well. Activate Railgun.


Hello @melgipson,

Strongly suggest you create a support ticket. That the better way for you first to get everything fixed and then to know if Rocket Loader could have an impact on your website availability.

Checked your website and Railgun is working properly and didn’t get any errors when connecting.


How can you submit a support ticket for Cloudflare?

I’m paying over $200 a month and don’t even have phone support.
My website is experiencing a railgun error “Error 527”.

Website is: https://smallcaps.com.au/

I’ve turned off railgun for now till someone can tell me what is going on and how to resolve.


On the Business plan, you’re sure to get a super-quick response: support.cloudflare.com or login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


Hi @frescojacques,

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty here. i don’t see a support ticket opened for your account since December, if login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support or if after viewing a support article related to your issue such as the one below you can use the ‘submit a request’ link to contact support as well.