502/521 Error from my location / Chicago server


So I have something really weird going on. I am getting 521/502 errrors intermittently when trying to connect to my site (theedgyveg.com) from my work WIFI. I’m afraid I’m not the only one locked out.

I reported it to the CloudFlare support and they asked me to get some stuff, which I provided, and they haven’t got back to me. In the meantime one of the things they suggested I do was contact my host (GoDaddy) which I did, and have been on with them pretty much all day. GoDaddy can’t give me access logs, and it’s managed wordpress so I can’t access cpanel. So it’s really tough for me to figure out. What I can see is that via the chicago Cloudflare server, (via my wifi) I’m intermittently getting 502s and 521s.
Running a traceroute here basically dies after our router.
I can connect fine on my phone, my wife can connect fine, the ISP says they can connect, and Godaddy says they can connect. When I run a hosttracker - https://www.host-tracker.com/InstantCheck/1/f71f2231-c986-e711-a6a0-0003ff7328cc it looks fine. And I know other people can get to my site. But I’m totally blocked out. I tried like 50 times today and no go. Every once in a while it will let me in, but even then resources aren’t loading. Even if I use different computers on this network, still dying.

I was wondering if it’s possible that just that one server (chicago) from cloudflare’s CDN is having problems caching the site or something.

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Same problem. Tell me how you decided?


Same issue here. Anyone else figured out what the problem stems from? I opened a ticket and will update here with any findings.