502 504 525 524 errors

Hey guys.
I have two domains with nameservers of cloudflare.
I keep getting these errors with breaks of several days. I contacted my hosting providers and they are saying everything is working good at their end and telling me to just switch the nameservers back to theirs, but I don’t want to do that because I need to use the services of cloudflare like their ssl etc.
I am just getting errors on one of my website (propertyi360.com) and the other one (iamdenzen.com) is working just fine.
I have no idea why this is happening or what is causing this issue.
If anyone can help.
Thank you.

It’s a firewall issue at your hosting provider. I know they said they are not at fault. But they are. Every time.


Thanks for your answer.
I hope you can help a bit more by telling me what should i tell my hosting provider to do.
or is changing the hosting provider will help or not?

From my experience, the fault has always been at the host’s firewall. CF will connect to the origin from a small set of IPs. The firewall sees a lot of traffic coming from a small set of IPs and starts to block them, thinking they are malicious.
The fix has always been to whitelist CF’s IPs. That is what you need to ask your host to do.

There may be other reasons. The above has always worked for me though.

OR do nothing for a week. After CF has filled it’s caches with your static resources, only page requests will continue to hit your host. That will be much less traffic, and the host firewall might start to let those requests through.


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