501c3 Nonprofit Voucher?

strong textHello, my understanding from Sales was that 501c3 nonprofits such as myself, legitimate and registered with the IRS, as I am, are to receive free web and email hosting services. My sales agent has left me hanging now for a week, stating that she was going to send me a “voucher” to enter vs. my billing information to trigger your system to take .org domain name. She verified my EIN number with the IRS and seemed willing to assist as this is a great need for my agency at present. We just lost everything digital, including all backups, in a total loss flood, actually loosing thousands of dollars of information, logos, mail, PDF’s - you name it - it is gone now…

So first, can someone help me get signed up on here or can a Cloudflare small business sales manager on here message me to help assist in transferring my domain from Google Domains and email from Google Business Gmail?

Since my initial contact with you last week, I think you all have a great thing going, but I have of course thought of quite a few questions that I need to fire off to someone. And I suppose a regular email address would be the way to do this?

Or have other nonprofits been promised this scenario and Cloudflare not followed through. I am an honest businessman and expect the same.

I would like to know if you are a member of the Better Business Bureau and what city, state or country that you are based out of to check your credentials/ratings.

Thanks - best to all in 2019…



I believe there’s been a misunderstanding. Cloudflare does not provide hosting of any type. They are more of a firewall service to protect your existing website hosting.

Can you post a link where you saw this?


It is posted on you basic main site pages under services that you offer/offer near future. I will try to find the link but all this jargon is under what is termed your “EARLY ACCESS” program, which offers a sign up list. So I signed up and now Cloudflare wants me to map my domain for design and hosting through Cloudflare.com. If you can sir, private message me on here because I am hearing impaired, otherwise email me:

{email redacted}

So tell me then, what can and can’t Cloudflare do?

Well it can’t host a website, or provide you with email.

What is can do is control access to a website you have hosted elsewhere, thereby providing DDOs mitigation, load-balancing, fire-walling etc.

It is also in the process of providing domain registrar services so you’ll be able to buy a domain through them (but only that - a domain name, still not a website, email or any other public service). I would imagine that’s what you’ve signed up for as ‘Early Access’ as presently to use that facility they ask you to move your old domain registrations across (which will be the case going forward if you already have a domain name).

I’m sorry to hear about you losing data etc. but would imagine you’re confused about Cloudflare being involved in that - as I say, they host no data that isn’t just being cached from elsewhere for performance reasons etc.

Finally, this is just a user forum, although staff pop in form time to time you’re just talking to other Cloudflare customers here (such as myself), who help folk out just because we love and/or understand the services Cloudflare provide.

Oh, one last thing - Cloudflare have a very generous free tier that would suit most small organisations - you’ll probably not have to pay for your Cloudflare products anyway, regardless of your charitable status (unless you need some very specific additional services, but I’m guessing you won’t from your initial post).

Good luck getting it all sorted.


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