500 Status Code


I have problem for website. My website always shows 500 status code for bot.

When I tested it using the tool it seems to originate from clouflare.

There is another user in the Cloudflare community having the same issue.

Can you attach a screenshot of the error 500 you are getting?


I am posting the screenshot below

Seeing Cloudflare on the Server: header just means that the traffic passed through the Cloudflare proxy, which it always will if you have the DNS entries orange-clouded and haven’t paused Cloudflare

The fact that there’s a transfer-encoding and cache-control header implies to me that the response actually came from your server and Cloudflare just relayed it.

If you bypass Cloudflare by orange-clouding your DNS entry or using the “pause Cloudflare” option, does the error still happen?

Wait 5 minutes after making the change before testing

Also I’m not currently getting a 500 from your site, it seems to be working normally, is this an intermittent/sporadic issue? What are you seeing in your server logs?


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