500 SSL negotiation failed


When I check my site on whois.domaintools.com, instead of the title of the site I get this:

500 SSL negotiation failed’.

So I assume this is killing the SEO, since the search engines are not able to read the title of my site, and they will not know what it is about.

The hosting provider checked the issue on their end and said that everything is fine, and that it is a bug from Cloudflare. Does anyone know how I can fix this, please?

:wave: @catalin_eros,

What bug on Cloudflare did the hosting provider say this is and why do they think it is a bug with Cloudflare and not the tool at domaintools? Can you visit your site? Do you receive an error?


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Hi, Oliver!

This is their reply (I must censor my site’s name):

‘Hello, seems like your site is answering well through https protocol. You can check it with this command:
curl -s -I https://www. .com/
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Also we didn’t see any errors in Apache Web server log file. It might be a Cloudflare error or bug.’

And I checked, and the site is indeed displaying the HTTPS in the address bar.

Yes, I can visit the site, the error does not appear there. It is only when I check whois. And down, where it says WEBSITE TITLE, there should be the text that I wrote in my wordpress as my site’s title. But whois displays this, instead of the title: ‘500 SSL negotiation failed’.

My concern is for SEO purposes, because I think google cannot read the title of the site, either, and this damages my site’s rankings.

Thank you for trying to help!

It’s much more likely the testing tool doesn’t support TLS 1.3. Google, Bing and other crawlers have no such limitations as they stay on top of the latest technological advances. This is likely just an outdated/ poorly maintained tool.

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Thank you for the reply! I hope you are right.

But, but, but, but error or bug :wink:

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