500 - Internal Server Error

I have my domain “afzaltrading. com” (remove space) registered at godaddy registrar, and then I on board this domain to Cloudflare by changing its name server.

My issue is: (IP address are not resolving to website at 1st attempt, when I click refresh button in browser, the website starts working. (Check screenshot below)
htt ps://tinypic.host/i/HGEPp (Remove Space)

I checked my domain and DNS with tracert command. It is also showing the same problem. 1st attempt is not resolving name with IP address, and then 2nd attempt resolve the name with IP address. (Check screenshot below)
htt ps://tinypic.host/i/HGJie (Remove Space)

For your information: I have multiple subdomains registered at Godaddy server.

Hello there,

It looks to be the issue of webserver.

Try these out:

Check your server configuration
Check the htaccess files for any access
Check if you’ve set any permission
Cross check the existing subdomain records
Check for logs

I checked for server configuration, its all ok.
Permission all ok
Checked subdomain records, all ok
logs showing no warning.
and htaccess also looking fine

Not sure why tracert is showing your domain for a Cloudflare IP. Probably some implementation detail I’m not aware of. In any case, those are not showing any issues.

The error you are seeing is coming directly from your own server as Cloudflare doesn’t show error pages like that itself.

Do you know how long TTL (Time To Live) is being set on the GoDaddy side?

Hello Enovato, I don’t know TTL value set by Godaddy but I don’t think this is an issue because Tracert command showing the ping have enough TTL left at the end.

You have the point, let me contact Godaddy and lets see whats their opinion.

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