500 Internal Server Error openresty!

Okay, I’ve searched and this has come up before in this community, but it never seems to be resolved. So far CloudFlare support has blamed my host, and my host is blaming CloudFlare. They say that the openresty can’t be coming from them, because they don’t have anything running nginx.

My host suffered a DDoS attack, which was the original cause of the site going down. However, they got everything sorted out, yet I’m still getting this: “500 Internal Server Error - openresty”. If I turn CloudFlare off, my site works fine, if I change my nameservers away from CloudFlare, my site works fine.

I completed removed the site from CloudFlare, and put it back in again. The error came back. When I ping my site it resolves to, which is a CloudFlare IP address. I’ve turned I’m absolutely stumped and I have no idea what to do from here.

*I meant to say I’ve turned all of the DDoS Protect and other options off and it doesn’t seem to help. Even CloudFlare’s “always on” promise of using wayback is not working.

Have you opened a ticket? Can you also post the URL? I’d like to take a closer look at it.

I have opened a ticket - they told me it was my host and I don’t have a resolution yet. The site in question is bikegirl.ca

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