500 Internal Server Error, openresty

My website www.spwickstrom.com is displaying a 500 Internal Server Error , openresty, when anyone tries to access the site. This error code started a few days ago. How do I resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

Steve W.

That is an error coming from your server. You or your host should check out the server error logs.

My host says that this is a cloudflare issue and I need to contact them. I had contacted them first. That gives me a 50/50 guess at who the problem is. I’m going to guess that cloudflare is the problem and drop their service. I never had this issue before I signed up with cloudflare. Thank you for helping me make that decision.

Hosts often say that in almost all cases they are wrong.

This error comes from the server and they need to check their logs. It could be they simply block Cloudflare’s requests. If they do not fix it you can only either change host or stop using Cloudflare.

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The reason is most likely because your host has not configured your site for SSL. Pause Cloudflare and run the request and you get the same error message.

I will check out the SSL configuration.

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