500 Internal Server Error openresty

Hi community, i have a problem from few days ago… and i m sure 75% provide from cloudlfare.

My website: https://avenor2.global

Error is:
500 Internal Server Error

No mention of Cloudflare on the error page so my guess was my hosting. However, if I directly access the host IP, everything is fine. Also if I bypass Cloudflare, everything is fine, except for the missing security certificate. My host insists it’s a Cloudflare issue, which I would agree with.

Is there anything I should be looking at that might be causing the issue?

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That is completely a server error. If Cloudflare had anything to do with it, you’d see a Cloudflare-branded error page.

Being that the error is coming from your server, there had better be some logging enabled, and that would show you the error.

That’s a very big exception to being “fine.” You can get a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate to install on your server.

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