500 Internal Server Error - openresty

I folks,

I have a site going via Cloudflare that’s been fine since it was create last December. However today I’m getting:

500 Internal Server Error


No mention of Cloudflare on the error page so my guess was my hosting. However, if I directly access the host IP, everything is fine. Also if I bypass Cloudflare, everything is fine, except for the missing security certificate. My host insists it’s a Cloudflare issue, which I would agree with.

Is there anything I should be looking at that might be causing the issue?

Unlikely as Cloudflare does not have openresty in error messages.

Most likely your provider started blocking Cloudflare’s addresses and throws that error when requests come in from there.

What’s the domain?

Interesting. I’ll send that back to my hosting provider and see what they say.
The domain is charlysaidyes.co.uk

Your server IP address ends in 11, right?

In that case, yes, it does appear as if your site is loading fine but that 500 should still be from your server and your host should find it in their logs.

The block of Cloudflare addresses will be the most likely reason.

Yeah it ends in 11.
Think we’re getting somewhere - IONOS decided to delete my domain, even thought it runs until December. Marvelous!

The 500 should then show up in their logs.

Got the domain name sorted with IONOS and that seemed to propagate fine, but the 500 internal server error remained. I decided to delete the site on Cloudflare and everything worked, other than a complaint about the lack of SSL. I re-added the site from scratch in Cloudflare and the 500 error came back.
I’m stumped!

Lack of SSL? If I remember correctly you had a valid certificate in place. If you don’t, then you definitely need to set that up too.

As for the 500, that still is something your host needs to find in the logs.

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