500 Internal Server Error for all CF sites

Error comeback :frowning: sad

same were in Morocco anyway seems fixed , try dns flush if you on pc and delete cachr , but if you on mobile try rebooting your phone and delete cache as well

Cache issues too.

so bad. My websites using Cloudflare in Vietnam now read 500 Internal Server Error

Brazil too, websites with 500 internal error =/

Hi community. I am getting 520 error while loading my site… usually when using a VPN to access it from another country. Anyone had an experience like this? any idea how to fix it?

Same error as this previous thread 500 Internal Server Error for all CF sites - Cloudflare Community

Hi freitasm. Any idea how to resolve this?

Cloudflare is currently experiencing an outage. Nothing we can do but wait. Keep an eye on this page: Cloudflare Status


Italy down too

Austria down as well

This should now be resolved.

My subdomain pointing to Cloudflare is not working. It shows 525 error after this issue. All other websites and main website pointing Cloudflare are working

Mind to share which Cloudflare plan you are using? My Enterprise customers do not have such huge dip like yours.

Cloudflare status page indicates the issue is resolved, but I am still down.

Is it still the same for others or do I need to take action on my end to restore it?

I’d imagine it wasn’t all sites. My CF Enterprise site was fine but one of my free sites had ~49min outage.

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Business plan. That line is the number of requests. The dip was during the outage. My traffic is mainly NZ-based and the outage pretty much dropped AKL/SYD/MEL.

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I am going through ■■■■ whole day. 520 and 500 errors .talking to the bluehost and trying to reach support here.

I got a downtime of 4 minutes for 1 website hosted on Cloudflare pages today. the downtime was discoverd by downtime monitor which checks every 30 seconds the website. so since more than 1 month of hosting first downtime. i hope it will not happen so often.