500 Internal Server Error for all CF sites

All CF sites down (500 or 522) when accessing from Asia. I don’t know about other areas.

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Cloudflare sites in New Zealand and Australia are down, it seems.

In Germany the same.

500 Internal Server Error


Switzerland down as well error 500

500 Internal Server Error in north africa

Greece is down also. Some ISP don’t display the 500 error but most do.

all site down ,display the 500 !!!

All Cloudflare sites down

Same here, all sites down :smiling_face_with_tear:

same here, all site down, Taiwan :dotted_line_face:

OK, everything is back online now.

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Bypassed CF cache and DNS (at least for the A record) and it works. Waiting for the problem to be resolved and re-enable cache and DNS.

And we are back (in New Zealand at least).

USA, Atlanta still error

South Korea, also still error

500 Internal Server Error in Greece but not for all internet providers.

Same from India, error 500 or 522

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Single question - documentation about 5xx errors says: “If the error does not mention “Cloudflare,” contact your hosting provider for assistance”. I’ve got 500 error with just “Nginx” string, no Cloudflare.

A good dip in traffic for almost 50 minutes