500 errors cloudflare


I went to my dashboard on cloudflare and it gives 500 errors!!

Can you fix them so I can visit the dash?


I am also having the exact same issue.

I was trying out the tutorial to learn the basics but ran into this in a sudden manner.

I do not think this is just a personal-level issue at the moment, knowing how common this is right now.

Cloudflare Dashboard and Cloudflare API service issues

Investigating - Cloudflare is investigating issues with Cloudflare Dashboard and related APIs.

These issues do not affect the serving of cached files via the Cloudflare CDN or other security features at the Cloudflare Edge.

Customers using the Dashboard / Cloudflare APIs are impacted as requests might fail and/or errors may be displayed.

if one is under DDoS attack and you can’t do anything because the board doesn’t run with constant 500 errors

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