500 error from cloudfare Tampa server, only when using http


Hi! I’m having this strange problem since days, thought it go away by it self seem it looks like a cloudflare problem, not sure anymore.

here’s a screenshot.
https works fine.

Btw, I have this rules being applied:

Thanks a lot!


Dove hunting? Seriously?

Sorry, but I am speechless.


Ah I see - in your second rule, change the “forwarding URL” from $2 to $1 - the number after the dollar sign is the index of the star value. So if you had two wildcards, eg *example.com*, $1 would be the first wildcard, likely http://www, and the second wildcard would be $2 or /path.

Since you only have one wildcard, it errored since $2 is not a value. Just change $1 to $2.

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You can save yourself a Page Rule by leaving off the scheme. Then it will match http and https:


That was the problem I think, because now the problem is gone. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but there is no shrugging shoulders in such a case. I wonder if you had the same reaction if someone “did” that to you. Thats just beyond wrong.


Feel free to tell the owners your thoughts about the business they run, I’m just the IT guy. Have a good night.


Fair enough, point taken. Though I’d strongly recommend to drop that client. There should be a certain code of honour also in our industry. We should not be guns for hire.

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