500 Class Errors Custom Pages set up but only working for 1 subdomain

I’ve set up a custom page and shut down my server to make sure everything is configured correctly. The custom 500 page is only showing up for one of the 2 A records I have on this domain. Both A records resolve to the same IP / server

Check out:

I may be confused on how these custom pages work but I thought it worked for the entire domain. I don’t see a way to define it for a specific A record.

Thanks in advance for any help

Do you have some PageRules matching the root domain to bypass something etc?

Your custom error pages can be accessed using https://api.fs.tours/cdn-cgi/error/500 or https://fs.tours/cdn-cgi/error/500, and they look OK.

Do you have example URLs?

Also, your error page is trying to load some external resources over HTTP, which the browser will block. Those should probably be changed to HTTPS.

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I turned off all the page rules. so I don’t think that’s the problem

Those are the example URLS. fs.tours is my production domain.

fs.tours is a single page marketing website and it should be showing the Custom Page, but it’s not. My understanding is those custom pages should show up for certain 500 errors over my entire domain, but only api.fs.tours is showing the Custom Page. Does that make sense?

I know about the https assets over http. I’m not worried about that right now but thanks for the heads up.

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