50 user limit on free plan

I know this has been discussed here:

But I’m still puzzled. Let’s say I have 100 devices that are enrolled to WARP Zero Trust with one account, can they simultaneously connect to my company internal resources or device limit is 50? I’ve tried with 3 devices enrolled with one user and it works, they can connect simultaneously. My question is is there a devices per user limit in Zero Trust Cloudflare free plan? If there is, what is the limit?

I can’t find anything that suggests there is. From Seat management · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Cloudflare Zero Trust subscriptions consist of seats that active users in your account consume. Active users are added to Zero Trust through any authentication event.

Make me believe that there isn’t a per device limit


I have a client that has 70-80 smartphones that use custom android app that connects to SQL server inside company network. For years they connected to that server via OpenVPN but they had security incidents with hackers from all over Asia. I proposed Cloudflare Zero trust because it’s far more secure and because of geolocation restrictions. Now I cannot make monthly expenses plan because I cannot find if there is a device limit. It would be nice if someone can answer this simple question.