50% Traffic goes missing

We run few Paid Social campaigns in South East Asia, Middle East and India. There is almost 50% traffic(some day more than 50%) that goes missing. We know there is some discrepancy between facebook/instagram way of counting user and google analytics count them (same timezone). But according to industry average it should not be more than 8-12%.

We know some of the issue related Telkomsel which have some issue connecting to cloudflare network in Indonesia. There is a huge discussion which cloudflare has closed without any conclusion. (My argument is if in USA AT&T users were not able to connect to cloudflare network, would cloudflare has taken the same stance that it is just an ISP issue.)

Is there any more such issue with different network in these regions? My site load (according to google analytics) in less than 3 seconds on mobile. Run my website on cache everything. So server/network related issue is minimised.

I have also seen the firewall logs and very few no of traffic is been blocked by cloudflare. Which also doesn’t explain the no of missing traffic.

An argument can be made that google analytics is sampling my data. GA sample if u get more than 10 million session in 1 month. I am talking about 20k users a day.

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