50 / 50 Cache MISS and HIT - Why?


I am new to Cloudflare and decided to give it a try as my customers are in the Nordics and my server in the US. (Causing my site to be very slow) After setting up Cloudflare my site is eiter really fast (1 sec - JAY!) or really slow (23 sec) By looking at the details in the webpagespeedtest it is clear that in approx 50 % of the cases it states “cf-cache-HIT” under all response headers/requests (and logically good scores) but in 50 % of the cases it states “cf-cache-MISS” and hence bad speed scores etc. So I guess I am wondering if anyone else have experienced this and know what I have done wrong in the setup? (or if it is some other problem…) I have used the standard cache setup for WP and have added one Cache all / Browser cache ttl 6 months rule…

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hard to tell at first glance, however, here are some protips to take into account:

  1. To properly measure CF effectiveness you need to warm up the CDN ( What is Cache Warming? | Section ). A website with low visitor count or freshly setup will have “abnormal” results like the one you are mentioning.
  2. CF has a lot of PoPs. and while that’s good, it might result in a higher miss count, make sure you have tiered caching enabled to reduce this.
  3. Benchmarking must be done over a prolonged timespan, better/worse results in 1 session aren’t enough to diagnose the speedup or downgrade that CF has to offer.

Thus being said, a 22-second difference seems way too much.
I’d check the backend to see what’s going on behind the scenes because it’s unlikely that the delay is just caused by CF not having an asset cached.

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Hi! Thank you for your reply! I have tried every optimizing thing I can think of and think that my hosting may be to slow/bad/cheap/ far away from me (Before CF all site loads were very slow) But after much investigation I find that for those slow ones it seems like nothing is being cached /and for the fast ones everything gets a “HIT” My site (https://snowberry.no) has very low traffic as I am so ashamed for the bad speed that I don’t dare to promote it =) =)

With behind the scenes do you mean server? (Sorry if that is a stupid question…) I am also wondering as I am thinking that if my settings is wrong its unlikely that it works super great in 50 % of the times

All the best

If all your customers are in Europe, you’d be much better off finding hosting there. There are certainly some pretty low-price options in that area. However, I’m in the western US and that site is slow, though it looks like the server is on the east coast.

I advise trying with another host. If the issue persists I’d have somebody check out why the website loads slow, it might be related to a plugin or something else on the webserver.

Hi! Thank you for checking! Yes, the server is on the east cost… I have a reseller hosting account in order to be able to host 2 other sites so its not the cheapest - but absolutely not the most expensive either. Yes, I am checking prices on local hosting. I really did not understand how important that location was before… I just wanted to give it a last try as the results when Cloudflare “works” are great and it would enable me to stay with the current host for the rest of the prepaid term. (Also I am curious =) =) ) Janne

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