$5 SSL Dedicated certificate


Today I went to purchase $5 certificate but the option is missing. Its either free or $10 certificate. Can anyone verifiy about missing option?

It was removed by the looks of it. This makes sense since the $5 option had very few differences from Universal SSL, as both were using the new CA. The only reason to get the $10 is for 2+ level deep subdomain SSL.

So it is now futile to purchase $10 ssl certificate?

No, you will still want the $10 certificate if you want to cover 2+ levels deep.

I just want example.com *.example.com for SSL. But I read somewhere that dedicated certificate are better than shared ssl certificate.

For most purposes there was no advantage. Cloudflare no longer seems to use shared certificates at all at this point, so the point is essentially moot.

so the browser compatibility and cypher suits support remain same?

Yes, seems to all be identical.

do we get unique IP when we use dedicated certificate?

No. Enterprise might offer a dedicated IP, all lower plans use shared IPs.

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