5 Page Rules instead of 3?

3 Page Rules for 1 domain is just a bit few for the people who actually use them…
So like the title says could we perhaps get 5 Page Rules instead of 3 on the free plan?
If not could we have the ability to merge the number of Page Rules from multiple domains?
So let’s say if you have 2 domains you’ll get 6 Page Rules in total.
Pretty please?

There is the purchase-more-rules button, this will give you five more rules.

  1. Not enough rules.
  2. Add enough domains to get to the number you want.
  3. Profit.


This was primarily for the free plan users.
If i wanted to pay something it would be smarter just to upgrade my plan. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, additional page rules are cheaper than the cheapest paid plan.

I guess the limits are in place for a reason and both numbers are arbitrary, I can imagine some people needing six or ten rules. Why should they have to pay?

I can understand that you want more rules, but at some point the service simply turns from free to paid :slight_smile:

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