4xx errors of --> 249.6k. (last 7 days)

We noticed that for the last 7 days 4xx errors of → 249.6k.

This sounds bad and it sounds like a lot.

We tried to dig into the cloudflare analytics to understand what it is and what is causing it - and especially how to solve it. In addition with the community we also did not find any clear directions.

Our sites all are up and working - perhaps we are missing something. Some stats →

Last 7 days →

Requests -->1.5M

Bandwidth → 33.4 GB

Visits → 225.6k

Page views —> 225.7k

**Errors → **
4xx errors → 249.6k
4xx error rate 16.67%

Can you please assist us on this matter?

Maybe some crawler tried accessing some paths with strange queries or even some attack probing?

Have you analyzed your traffic?
Does any blocked/challenged events appear at the Firewall Events tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

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