429 errors happening on page that needs to load 100+ images

Hey all,

My first post here, so forgive any mistakes.

My site is hosted on WP Engine and the dns is managed through Cloudflare. On this page https://titled.ch/autos/ I am using a lazy loader to load 100+ images, but after the first 10 or so I get 429 errors for some about 50-75 of the remaining images.

I have no rate limiting rule in my dns and WP Engine says they are not running any sort of limit either.

Any help here is appreciated!

Actually https://titled.ch/autos/

That sounds like a rate limiting error from your origin server and you should be able to verify that in your hosts log files.

Ok, the host says that they are not seeing the errors in the logs.

If you pause Cloudflare, are you still seeing the issue?

How do you pause Cloudflare?

On the overview tab of the domain on the right sidebar you should see an option to pause.

After pausing Cloudflare the issue is resolved, so it is a Cloudflare issue from the looks of it

Do you know if your host is rate limiting cf IPs? And are you restoring visitor IP or is traffic showing as from a Cloudflare ip?

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