429 API Response within rate limit creating zones / adding domains Ticket #2193810

I am getting a 429 API Response when trying to add domains in bulk. I have used both a bearer token and the global API token, after 50 domains I receive a 429 error when trying to add a domain. I stay well under the 1200 API calls within 5 minutes, but I still get rate limited and have to wait an entire hour to start again. My client has 600+ domains that they would like to add, and as of right now the only way for it to go smoothly is to allow a 30 second delay after 6 API calls. Maybe I should take another approach or is there a way to avoid this rate limiting 429 error. Thank you.

Also, all nameservers have been changed to cloudflare NS prior to API requests and jump_start is set to false.

This is in reference to ticket number: #2193810

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