419 error in mozila firefox

Hi experts,
I am fetching a problem using cloudflera free plan. Can any one help me.
My problem is when i am sending a ajax requist using mozila firefox, then its give me 419 (page expire) error. but in others browser its working fine. My sites link mrpcut.com

please help…

The 419 comes straight from your server, so that would not be Cloudflare related.

Pause Cloudflare (bottom right, Overview screen) for now. If the issue still occurs, it is something you need to fix on your server.

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When I turnoff cloudflera, Then Its working fine. also all other browser working good with cloudflara.

Your site appears to be paused right now, but it now actually does not load at all. Plus, you have no SSL setup, so an insecure site in the first place. You need to fix your SSL setup and your encryption mode first. That might fix that issue too.

My site is now in online.

I am afraid it is not. It is not paused.

Sorry, I have pushed now, You can check.

Yeah, it’s loading now, but only on HTTP.

As I mentioned

you can check now.
I I pushed Cloudflare, then https not working. Which encryption method I have to set. Current I have set SSL/TLS

and Always Use HTTPS

Same thing I mentioned yesterday, you need to fix the SSL setup on your server.

If you need a certificate → https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/origin-configuration/origin-ca

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