413 Request Entity Too Large - How to increase the size?

Hi Support,

I understand from the community that Cloudflare has a maximum file upload size of 100mb for free and pro plans.

Is there anyway to increase this?

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Here are the upload limits per plan:

You could bypass Cloudflare on your entire site but that’s not ideal hence the suggestion of a :grey: subdomain.

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Unfortunately iI’m not using wordpress.

But if i switch it to DNS only, SSL is not working properly. Is there a way around it?

You will have to manually set up SSL on your origin. You should already have some form of SSL to keep your connection secure between Cloudflare and your origin.

yes. SSL had been setup. But if i switch to DNS only, i will be redirect to the page that my website is not safe.

It sound’s like you don’t have full SSL and are using self-signed or Cloudflare’s origin only. If you want to go DNS only then you will need to get a proper SSL cert.

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