41 cdn location down?

on http://cloudflarestatus.com as of right now
32 cdn location re-routed
9 cdn location degraded performance

Am I reading it right?

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There are some with degraded performance in China and some which are partially or fully rerouted, but none are currently listed as down.

Your math is fine I’m sure, but the conclusion they are down is probably an overstatement.

It’s unlikely any of those statuses is related to Cloudflare hardware/software sitting in their rack(s).

what does re-routed means?

degraded performance - does only enterprise plans gets those locations?

:wave: @user3011,

The sites currently degraded are in China. Unless you are a. An Enterprise customer b. Paying for China network access and c. Have an ICP license you aren’t using those colos through Cloudflare. The answer is probably slightly different if you are signed up with Baidu directly as they run the service in China in partnership with Cloudflare.

Absent specific details? Rerouted is likely to happen for some or all customers if network providers in region are having issues or if certain critical backhaul links are damaged or running hot. It could also mean there is enough traffic in a colo that Cloudflare has decided not to advertise some plan types it normally does from a particular colo in order to ensure traffic that does route through it remains performant.

Some of those degraded statuses appear to be pretty regional which seems to make a local operator network issue a likely culprit.

It depends. The Internet is made up of hundreds of thousands of networks and network operators. Compared to other providers I have used (do use) Cloudflare tens to be much more open about its overall status and issues it is tracking.

I know one major competitor likes to point to Cloudflare’s status page to introduce FUD about the reliability of the service but they don’t seem to have a similar detailed insight into their own network published to the public or an answer to how they wouldn’t have an issue an equivalent hypothetical scenario.

Yes, I am an ordinary customer whose user today not able to reach (60% traffic down today compare to others so many days, no china access or user but things r pretty bad today in rest of ASIA)

If they are receiving an error message that is likely not due to a datacenter being rerouted. Traffic is rerouted to prevent that type of scenario.

Taking Vietnam for example where both colos appear to be rerouted, it is likely there is a network provider issue in country to in region. Depending on the severity of that outage/issue it’s certainly possible users couldn’t reach a property on Cloudflare, or on the rest of the internet generally.

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Further update per our status page:

Monitoring - We have re-enabled a number of locations on our network and are not seeing any adverse impact and we will continue to monitor.
May 15, 15:35 UTC

Identified - So far we’re not seeing any serious impact beyond higher latency as a result of the automated re-routing - load in our operational colos is stable.
May 15, 15:15 UTC

Investigating - Our automated monitoring systems are detecting higher than normal levels of packet loss on the internet, resulting in a greater number of our locations being automatically re-routed. Some customers may see higher latencies than normal as a result. We are investigating to understand the full impact.

Indeed appears to be network related. Our teams are working through the issue and impact in an attempt make sure customers receive the best performance and that any underlying issues are well understood/ addressed.


Thanks for understanding the problem and saving me from bulling on community when someone reports issues.

Status show this incident is now resolved. But still way too much traffic volatility and too many user missing. May be tomorrow will be a better day.

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