406 MIME Type error on image


Just getting started with CF and trying it on one of our sites. There is a OpenGraph image listed on one of the pages for a social graphic and when someone requests it, CF returns a 406 error stating: Client browser does not accept the MIME type of the requested page.

Images on the page work fine normally, but this one in particular won’t. Here’s the URL to the image: https://sleepcheapcharitiesreap.com/img/social-card.jpg

Any ideas what I should be looking at or how to fix this?

Is it that?

Loads fine for me. Also at sitemeer.com/#https://sleepcheapcharitiesreap.com/img/social-card.jpg

Yes, exactly. Weird then why it wouldn’t work on a machine here. I just tried it on my phone and it works ok as long as it’s not on wifi. Must be something in between me and the server on our network.

Sorry for the false alarm!

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