405 error on HTTP post requests with Cloudflare Pages, after switching from Netlify

I’m building a dynamic SvelteKit application, which makes get and post requests to several URLs. When hosting on Netlify, everything works and functions as expected.

On the Cloudflare Pages version, when the application makes HTTP post requests, Cloudflare logs a 405 Method Not Allowed error in the browser. (Note: this error is not happening when making HTTP post requests from Netlify, or in local development.)

Is there anything I can do to address this, and successfully send HTTP post requests from the Cloudflare Pages hosted site?

Where are you sending POSTs to? Pages literally only serves static files, so if your pages site is https://b.pages.dev you can’t sent a POST to https://b.pages.dev/input, but it would be fine if you’re sending it to a Worker or anywhere else on the internet.