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I have absolutely no idea why, but my site has just gone offline -


We’re sorry, the page you requested cannot be found

I changed the nameserver back to siteground, and the site was back online. Changed it back to cloudflare, and the same error. I have absoliutey no idea why this isn happening? The site was running fine for over a month or so. What has happened to cloudlflare? Any ideas would be welcome

Hi @rich.denning,

Can you check that siteground haven’t changed the IP of the server your site is hosted on, and that all the DNS records at Cloudflare match those at Siteground.

You can also try setting the nameservers back to Cloudflare and pausing Cloudflare on the site (overview tab > bottom right) to see if that resolves it.

Hi domjh

Yes you right, new IP was altered, thanks for the info

No problem, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

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