404 Status

HTTP Status 404 (not found) when you go to site.

I tried clearing my cache, I do not know how to fix this at this point.

The error is not triggered by Cloudflare, but on the origin (Amazon). Therefore - if no settings has been changed by you - the error should be searched on their side.

Why would Amazon be involved with this? Does CF use Amazon? I am not using Amazon for anything that I know of.

Both IPs ( & that you use, are IPs that do belong to Amazon. Even if it is another service that just also uses Amazon (or their IPs) the problem does not stem from Cloudflare itself, as it did not produce the error:

So how can I fix this being that CF is using Amazon on my behalf. This is not under my Amazon account but CF’s Amazon account.

It’s not on Cloudflare’s end. Cloudflare is just acting as your DNS provider here - they’re not hosting your site.

Where did you get those IPs that you have pointed your site towards? Whoever gave you those IPs ( & are where you will need to resolve this issue.

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You also have security issue.

You best pause Cloudflare and proceed as @M4rt1n suggested to fix your overall setup.

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I transferred the domain from Godaddy to CF and that’s the info I was given to transfer it.

I transferred the domain from Godaddy to CF and that’s the info I was given to transfer it. I wanted it transferred because CF has the SSL certificates.

I am afraid you were given incorrect information. Cloudflare does not “have” any more certificates than what you can set up with LE anyhow. Currently your site is not secure.

Who is hosting your website? GoDaddy still? You’ll need to talk to them about this, then. Unless you’re hosting the website with Cloudflare on Pages, Workers, etc. you still have a “host” to point to.

It’s just a domain with a redirect.

Where is that redirect configured?

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