404 page, from the moment using cloudflare. I have put the A-record and NS-record in Strato

Hi there,

Im new to Cloudflare and kinda a newbie…

I do have an website, used by strato. A friend told me to use cloudflare to speed up everything because it was kinda slow.

As far as im am now, i have used the A-record & NS-record.

I do get an 404 page. Black and white without any style.

Is somebody able to tell me what to do?

Also on strato it has a green check mark on the A-record & NS-Record. Also on clouderflare it says ‘’ active ‘’

What is your domain?

And can you show a screenshot of the records that you have created in Cloudflare?

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The 404 error is coming from your server.

I haven’t used Strato in years, but I think I (might) remember something about Strato’s shared hosting not being compatible with externally managed nameservers.

See this for example:

Or here:

So I don’t believe you can use Cloudflare for a Strato hosted website, but maybe someone else might have an idea.


Thanks for your quick reply, i will put on all back to what it was on strato. Hoping i can get my website back online. Soon i will get to another provider, then i will get back to cloudflare.

Strato is really anoying :frowning:

How do i quit this post? to not waste anybody time anymore:P

It is really astonishing how bad a hosting provider can be.

Back in 2020, a vps I had with Strato became practically unavailable at times. The reply to my ticket was this:

And some more useless bla bla bla.

A few days later I read this article, explaining how Strato was aware of an issue that affected thousands of vps’s for over two weeks, but were unable to identify the cause.

At no point did Strato ever inform their customers about the problems, and in their reply to my ticket they simply lied, as if not acknowledging the issues made things better.

They even had the audacity to complain when I cancelled my contract prematurely after this.

The topic is marked as solved, so it will not waste anyone’s time.

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