404 on wordpress webpages

hey, after switching to Cloudflare i have a 404 on every page on my website except for the home page.

Can anyone help out?


What’s the domain?


I got a 404, then started getting a PHP error that it couldn’t find an autoload file in your theme.

think its a theme problem?

For now, go to the Cloudflare DNS page and set your DNS entries to :grey: so you can troubleshoot. I don’t think it’s Cloudflare, but bypassing Cloudflare for now will eliminate that worry.

Some pages do work, such as Contact and Advanced Studio Galleries. It looks like you took an existing site and changed the page content to fit your business. The existing Menu entries might no longer be correct. These are set in the WordPress dashboard under Appearance → Menus.

In the WordPress Posts and Pages lists, you can View the pages using their proper URL. Give those a try. If they work, you need to update your Menus with the proper URLs.

p.s. It’s back to showing 404 errors and not that PHP error.

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