404 on URLs containing dots without trailing slash

I have the same (I think) issue as described in Getting 404 on URL that contains a dot and no trailing slash.

Take this example (I’m using Hugo with the Docsy theme):

https://doc-6ly.pages.dev/technologies/asp/extensions/com.castsoftware.asp >>> 404
https://doc-6ly.pages.dev/technologies/asp/extensions/com.castsoftware.asp/ >>> OK

The file structure is available here: content/en/technologies/asp/extensions · main · castdoc / extensions · GitLab

In effect, “com.castsoftware.asp” is a folder containing an “_index.md” file.

On my local dev machine build, this issue does not occur - i.e. a trailing slash is automatically added to the URL if I omit the trailing slash, so this issue is “something” within CF pages.

I followed the trail in the post I referenced to this bug report: 🐛 BUG: Getting 404 on URL that contains a dot and no trailing slash · Issue #2779 · cloudflare/workers-sdk · GitHub - and it appears that a fix has been merged into main and that there have been Wrangler releases in the interim… However, I’m still seeing the issue and so i can’t work out whether:

  • I have a similar but ultimately different issue
  • or whether the fix has not yet actually been published

@WalshyMVP do you have any idea?
thank you.

I’m sorry to bump this, but can anyone help me please? The behaviour of not adding the trailing slash is causing some issues on our side.

This behaviour does not occur, for example in Gitlab Pages (I built the same repository there and trailing slashes are automatically added) nor in my on premise build machine output.


Shameless bump.
I even posted about this in Discord but it hasn’t had any response :frowning:

I’m not sure when, but it seems that my problem described above has been fixed. I no longer get 404s on URLs containing dots where the trailing slash is not used, instead the URL is redirected and a trailing slash is added, which is the expected behaviour. Thanks if somebody did something…!

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