404 on pages after pointing domain to Cloudflare for SSL

I use NameCheap for the domain name and IONOS for hosting. I had the site working when using IONOS hosting with the root domain forwarding to the new subdomain and also using .htaccess for 301 redirects from the old pages to the new pages on the subdomain, as well as the 404 redirect.

I pointed the domain at NameCheap to the Cloudflare name servers for the SSL. Cloudflare picked up the original IONOS DNS servers and automatically added them in the dashboard. Redirecting the root domain to the subdomain works, but the 301 redirects and the 404 redirect show 404 Not Found.

Back story. I originally used another service for the photo hosting and fulfillment but have recently changed providers to save on costs. The previous service provider had their own SSL that my site would use. The new provider suggests I use the SSL through Cloudflare. The old provider I just used the root domain. On the new provider I setup the subdomain to hopefully redirect the old links the new links, due to having existing links out on the web that I didn’t want to lose.

My IONOS hosting has the SSL available, but I didn’t use it at first. When I tried to switch it back from Cloudflare to IONOS for the SSL, the site works as intended, but the SSL was broken and still showing the Cloudflare instead of IONOS. I waited a few days thinking it would time out, but it didn’t even after deleting the site from Cloudflare.

I guess I made a mess lol

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