404 on logging into Support after new Dashboard

Not entirely sure if it’s related to the new dashboard, but I just tried to login to the Support area for the first time since the Dash rollout. However, I get a 404 after I hit ‘Sign In’. Example URL of the page that returns 404:


Hope that someone can move this to the right category if needed. I would have made a Support ticket, but that’s not possible now due to this problem.

You can always login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

What I did upon the new Dash rollout was go to my browser settings and delete everything (cookies/cache/data) for Cloudflare.com

Ah right, I’ll do that if it can’t be resolved here.

I already tried that unfortunately. The problem occurs in both Chrome and Firefox.

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Seems to be fixed in the meantime, now the request properly redirects and logs me in.