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Hello, I try to start with cloud flare, but it doesn’t work. I have the free version and I changed the name servers and this seems to be all right. But trying to visit my website, there will be only this message:
404 Not found
The requested URL / was not found on this server

So, what is the mistake?
Thank you.


That’s not enough information to go on. A 404 because of Cloudflare is quite rare, and is coming straight from your server.

What’s the URL?



That is a domain to find out how it could work. With the domain www.lykkebringer.de it didn’t work either, but that domain needs to be online, therefor I changed the nameserver back.


Go to DNS settings here and change www.tierefotografieren.de to :grey: and see if it works. That should bypass Cloudflare. Let us know what happens.


No, it doesn’t work and I see the same error.


Then it’s an issue with your server. Or maybe you have the incorrect IP address in Cloudflare’s DNS, though that’s unlikely. Those are the only two possibilities at this point.


Okay. Thank you. What issue could that be?


Maybe there’s nothing in your web directory. The server usually looks for index.html, index.htm, or index.php. If none of them are there, it might return a 404.


Of corse there is the Index.html - the Directory is not empty!!


Check your server logs. They should show which request had the 404.


I’m not 100% sure, but if you use Apache, it might be case sensitive. Index.html will be ignored, while index.html is found.
(since you wrote Index.html instead of index.html)

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