404 Not found while opening a site

The target site internally is over http and it is working OK:
<Pict. 1>

From the cloudflared host the site is accessible just fine (tested with curl):
<Pict. 2>

The Public hostname is configured like this:
<Pict. 3>

and here is what I get when trying to open the site from external world:
<Pict. 4>

All other Cloudflare Tunnels I have work just fine. They all are over HTTPS, but it should not matter, right? What do I do wrong?

Hey there,

A HTTP 404 error is a client side error that means that the origin web server couldn’t find a requested file. Cloudflare does not generate 404 errors, so this would indicate something is not configured correctly at your hosting provider. It’s possible that a document root with your origin is pointed to the wrong host name or different working directory.

You should be able to find these errors 404 in the access logs of your origin web server.

Please let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

The root cause of that error was just my stupidity. I forgot that I set a rewriting rule for that domain in Cloudflare, so every single request got rewritten to a target URL that did not exist on my web server. After I disabled the rule-- all came back to normal.

I am sorry for the confusion and thanks for looking into that!

Hey there @mwojtaszek

That’s absolutely no issue at all - I’m glad you’ve resolved it :smiley:

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