404 Not found after changing the nameserver


I am new to cloudflare and my English is not the best (I am german).
After changing the nameservers from Strato to Cloudflare last night my website is down now: 404 Not found. Is it normal? Do I only have to wait a few hours more? Or ist something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

If I remember correctly your host did not play along well with Cloudflare as they regularly change the IP address and you’d need to update Cloudflare in these cases to reflect the change.

If that still is true it will also why you get a 404 now as Cloudflare still points to the old address.

Thank you! It would have been good to know this in advance. So there is no solution and I have to reset the nameserver? This is very sad.

Not unless they changed that or you come up with something to update the IP address on Cloudflare I am afraid

404 Not Found error after switching to Cloudflare nameservers is another thread about that.

I called Strato: They say every Hosting Partner is changing the IP adress, it is securety.

That’s a rather generic statement and not very true either. Most hosts never change the address, in particular not as often as your host does. With that statement I’d actually consider changing host :slight_smile:

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To be honest, the thought of changing the host overwhelms me. Then I will probably have cancel cloudflare.

That’s a lie. It does absolutely nothing for security.

Or the explanation did not translate well to English. It’s possible it’s just bad timing that the IP address just happened to change right after you added your domain to Cloudflare, and it most likely won’t happen again.

Lie sounds a bit harsh. I could understand where they are trying to come from, but overall it’s not really security related.

See above :wink:

They said the IP adress has to be changed for my safety.

The thing is that this is my second try. The first time I changed the nameserver was a week ago. And it happend just the same: 404 Not found. I got panic and changed the nameserver back. But now I thougt maybee it was normal during the changover. So I gave it another try last night. And this morning I saw the 404 Not found.

But that would mean that the IP address was just changed at both times, right?

That still makes no sense. Anybody can look up your site’s IP address if it’s not proxied (by Cloudflare).

I have no way of knowing, You’d have to compare the IP address you put in at Cloudflare with what it is now. And have a log of what the IP address was at various times.

Most likely. But again, as far as it comes to the information available your host simply does play along with Cloudflare.

Or not?

Can’t tell if they changed that in the past few days, but a while ago it simply was not compatible.

Thanks for your help. I changed the nameserver back to Strato now.

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