404 Not Found - Access Page

I just signed up for the free 5 users that access provides and it went smoothly until I tried to visit the site that access provided me
Upon visiting https://xxxxxxxxx.Cloudflareaccess.com/ I get a 404 Not Found nginx error.

Anyone know what’s wrong?


It is not clear what is your problem. Can you elaborate please? Where did you get that address?

It’s the login page that access have me after setting going through the purchase process.
I’m assuming it’s where users are redirected to authenticate to view a page, and I’m unable to access it.

I’m new to access and don’t understand a lot of it yet so I may be doing something entirely wrong

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Sorry I don’t have experience on this, soon other members will com to help you.


You cannot access it directly. You and other allowed users just go to the intended URL, like:


and it will be redirected to that xxx.Cloudflareaccess.com URL for authentication purposes. You will then be provided with a screen to verify the previously authorized email and password, and once authenticated by the ID provider, will be redirected back to the intended URL.


Oh, ok. Thanks for explaining it!