404 for some images only

We are experiencing some images on our Drupal site randomly not showing and getting 404 responses. We have been trying to find a common pattern but there does not seem to be one. The images exist within the Drupal public files directory and the images come back as soon as we purge the Cloudflare cache or turn on development mode. This is a paid account.

I am just hoping to get some insights on what to look for to get to the root cause as some of the other entries I have found are not applicable

Have you checked your server logs? A 404 had to have come from somewhere.

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Thanks for the reply. The Cloudflare logs?

No, it would be on the server where your Drupal site is hosted.

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Thanks. Not getting errors on the server logs but this is the message I get on the console

The moment I turned development mode on, all images come back
Anything else I can look into?
Thanks again for the help

I had a closer look and it seems that the images are not loading when people are landing on the non www version of the page.
Can I confirm the page rule that I can use to include a wildcard reirect from non www to www?
So for example
redirects to
www. domain.org /path1 /path2/file.jpg

reagardless of the path?

Could I just use

redirects to
www.domain. org/*


We have fixed the redirects but images still missing on very ranmdom patterns. Any other hints?

Just wanted to check if you had any other insights. Thanks