404 errors caused by non-existent backlinks from 3rd party sites

Hi. New to Cloudflare and about to spend time finding my way around it (I’m not too technical). Also, I still have to add my site to it (free plan).

So the reason I’m here is that recently, a lot of disreputable and dubious 3rd party sites are creating backlinks to non-existent pages on my site that’s causing a lot of Not found (404) errors that are reported in Google Search Console (although Google isn’t indexing or serving these non-existent pages), shown below.

These backlinks to non-existent pages on my site are not the innocent-looking 1 character typographical error in the link. These backlinks are totally off, and often totally unrelated to my site, like below:

Is the situation I described above something that Cloudflare can protect my site from “off-the-shelf” or are there settings/configurations in Cloudflare that I still need to do?


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